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The sound of a purring cat is one of the most comforting sounds available and can help soothe and calm you down when you're feeling stressed. Naturally, it's not just the sound that is important, but it's also the presence of the warm cuddly cat. Purrli tries to recreate both the sound and the presence of your very own virtual cat through a custom sound engine modelled after real purrs.

With a purr that delicately changes over time, Purrli aims at making the experience as real and lively as possible. Just like a real cat, Purrli will call for your attention. Just be careful when adjusting the last slider, if you don't want to be nagged in the middle of your work.

The Story

When I developed myNoise – a free online background noise generator, try it – people kept asking me for a purring cat. Unfortunately, the audio engine on myNoise was not designed to play that sort of sound. But the requests kept coming! At one point, I realized that I was spending more time answering emails explaining why "a cat purr" wouldn't work than it would take for me to design one! This is how the cat purr generator on myNoise came to exist. When it premiered, 'Furry Friend' – the name of that generator – instantly filled myNoise fans and cat lovers with joy. The buzz on the Internet softly stretched from a subtle gentle purr to the roaring crescendo of a growl of now over a million views. Though successful, I have never have been particularly proud of that sound, and I can hear the many shortcomings coming from the inadequacy of the myNoise audio engine. Sooner or later, I had to come with a better purr generator, and I think it's ready. Meet Purrli, Your Internet Cat!


Purrli is a free website that runs without ads. Your support helps me to keep this site purring. If you enjoy Purrli regularly, consider supporting my work with a donation. You will be rewarded with bonus features, such as the ability to bring your own cat at the office (by loading your own picture in Purrli's full screen mode), and more purrs! (see below)

More purrs for PatrRRRrons

Patrons have access to different purr models. The default purr model named Babouche – the one playing now – is a tranquil, warm purr modeled after my female cat. Two other models are available: Simba, a 10-week old kitten. His purr hasn't yet the bottom-end of an adult cat, and that's what makes it so cute! And Tiger, a male cat with a more crackling purr. Tiger is a white noise purr machine, ideal for office use!

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Use Cases

In the beginning, I thought a cat purr would be no more than a gimmick. Something fun, but probably useless. Many user testimonials later, I realize how wrong I was. Thanks to the interaction with cat purr fans, I have discovered the many uses of such a particular sound, and - here is the revelation - just how such a simple sound can brighten the day of many people around the world.

If you are puzzled about why people would use a cat purr generator, have a look at the user testimonials shared below, and these are only a fraction of the messages I have received. These stories illustrate how people could be using Purrli in their daily lives, and explain why I was motivated to develop a realistic purr generator.

Anxiety Relief and Stress Control


Healing and Pain Management

Homesickness and Fond Memories





Helping Cats Too!

As you just read above, a cat purr generator helps other cats too. This has confirmed to me so many times! Here are some additional "cat-tales":


On a deskop or laptop, Purrli starts purring once the page has fully loaded. On mobile phones and tablets, you may have to interact with Purrli first: tap the background, or move a slider.

If you cannot hear any sound, and are using a smartphone, remember that tiny speakers are not able to reproduce the low frequencies of a cat purr. The use of headphones/earphones is highly recommended. Connecting to external speakers can make a big difference too.

Since Purrli runs from a browser, it heavily depends on how that particular browser behaves when faced with power saving issues. Particularly on mobile phones and tablets. If Purrli stops playing when your device enters sleep mode, try using a browser keeps playing sounds in the background, even during your phone standby. Purrli recommends Opera (Mini or Coast on mobiles).

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How does your cat responds to Purrli? Please share pictures or videos of your cat and Purrli purring in the background. Our followers love cats, and yours will be no exception! Submit your contents via WeTransfer (best) or email (pics 'at' Or by sharing on our social accounts.

In the Press

“Purrli is one of those internet things you didn't know you needed, but immediately you can't live without it.”CNET

“Purrli is the white noise generator of cat lovers' dreams.”Motherboard

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